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We can help you find:
Data Scientists
Data scientists analyze and interpret data, using machine learning and algorithms to inform business predictions and decisions.

Core skills:
Math modeling and statistics, programming, big data

Core tech stacks:
R, Scala, Python, data manipulation libraries — Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Matplotlib, ML libraries (e.g. scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras)
Data Analysts / BI Developers
Data analysts gather and interpret data. They use data analysis tools to come up with meaningful results and interpretations that are then used to make business decisions.

Core skills:
Data cleaning and visualization, statistics, programming, business domain

Core tech stacks:
Excel, SQL, ETL platforms (e.g. SSIS, Talend, Informatica), visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI)
Data Engineers
Data engineers prepare and manage big data for data scientists and analysts. Data engineers are responsible for designing, building and integrating data from multiple sources across multiple storages.

Core skills:
Programming, big data, cloud, DWH, system design

Core tech stacks:
Java, Python, SQL, cluster computing (e.g. Hadoop, MapReduce), data processing and streaming (e.g. Pig, Spark, Kafka), containers
Meet our candidates:
Roman, Moscow RU
Data Scientist / ML Engineer
Skills: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Time Series Analysis, Statistical analysis
Projects: HFT trading platform, fraud prevention for retail banking + 2 more
Industry: Capital Markets, Retail and Commercial Banking
Python Scikit-learn TensorFlow Spark and PySpark Power BI Matlab C#
MS in Applied Mathematics
27 years of commercial experience
Dmitry, Minsk BY
Data Scientist, Computer Vision
Skills: CNN, R-CNN object detection, Object tracking, Video stream stabilization
Projects: Advanced video editing software, real time CCTV video monitoring and crime detection system + 1 more
Industry: Software Vendors, Smart Cities and Smart Homes
C/C++ Python SQL Pytorch TensorFlow tensorRT openVino coreML TFLite OpenCV SIMD
Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science
4 years of commercial experience
Vyacheslav, Kyiv UA
Data Engineer, Big Data Developer
Skills: Database design, data ingestion and processing, legacy DB migration to Big Data platforms, data pipeline orchestration
Projects: Portfolio pricing, option pricing, grocery loyalty and promotions + 2 more
Industry: Capital Markets, Healthcare, Retail
Java C++ Scala SQL Server Oracle Hive Snowflake Spark Hadoop and Hbase Kafka Solr AWS MS Azure
Master in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics +1 more
16 years of commercial experience
Ilya, Kiyv UA
Data Engineer, Data Analyst
Skills: Solution design, data ingestion and processing, ETL pipelines, legacy DB migration
Projects: Customer analytics platform, geospatial analytics and prediction platform
Industry: Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
Python SQL RDBMS Hadoop Yarn MapReduce Hive Spark Airflow Numpy Pandas Python GIS AWS
Master in Applied Mathematics
6 years of commercial experience