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Devjbs is a unique recruitment platform for developers living in non-EU Europe. We offer full-time remote roles at cutting-edge startups, tech and Financial Services companies in the UK and US.
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4 easy steps to find your dream remote job
Create a profile
Take a few moments to tell us about your background and what you're looking for in your next job. Once you've completed these steps, our algorithm will start searching for roles that match your requirements.
Complete our screening
Some platforms use automated systems, but we like to get to know our candidates. First we’ll invite you to a one-on-one interview with your Talent Success Advisor, then an optional call with a technical specialist to validate your skills. After that, you’ll be ready to start receiving job offers.
Let companies find you
Once you're approved as one of our candidates, employers will see you in their searches and can request an interview. When they contact you, they will always provide a job description and salary upfront.
Interview and accept
Our process is designed to put you in control at every stage. Interview with the companies you are interested in, for the roles you really want to explore. And then say yes to whichever role you love the most.
Boost your salary by 20-30%
Your new employer will be saving money on the normal costs of hiring talent, while you will be earning significantly more than would be possible with a local company. It's a win-win for everyone.
Transform your career, keep your lifestyle
You don't have to leave your home or uproot your family to work for the world's best companies. Devjbs helps you build a rewarding career while working 100% remote.
Explore expertly curated jobs and employers
We only work with the kind of UK and US businesses that top candidates want to work at. All companies are pre-selected tech-heavy businesses, with a focus on startups and financial services.
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